Watermelon Articulation

Watermelon Articulation | Summer articulation craft activity

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Even though it’s cold and rainy this week in Northern California, we keep dreaming of summer! It’s not just watermelon, we’re dreaming of lemonade, too! This activity is NO PREP and has low ink options (color options also!). All you need is an ink pad or some crayons and you’re ready to go. This pack includes /k, f, s, th, l, r/ in the initial position, plus vocalic r.

What you’ll Need:

  • Watermelon Articulation for Teachers Pay Teachers (click HERE)
  • Scissors & glue OR crayons/colored pencils


  1. Print a color or B&W page of the goal you’re working on.
  2. After your kiddo says the word 10 times, they can cover the picture. There are little watermelon seeds in the download (not pictured) to cut and paste over the pictures. Or, color in the pictures.

That’s it! I am all about bringing in worksheets and easy (read: no mess) crafts into therapy. I have preschool-aged clients right now, and they love these! If you print the B&W pages, have your kiddos color in the picture, too.

Watermelon Articulation | Summer articulation craft activity

Students: If you want any of our materials, email us at contact@thespeechgirls.com from your university email and we will send them to you for free or a discounted price.

Watermelon Articulation | Summer articulation craft activity

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Watermelon Articulation | Summer articulation craft activity

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