Staying Organized

Trying to stay organized? Use some of our favorite materials to get your therapy room back on track.

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Alex found these awesome bins at Michael’s a few weeks ago. They have a removable tray perfect for markers, glue sticks, scissors, tape, stickers, or whatever else you use. Below, Alex keeps her reward board, activities, worksheets, and other items that she may need.

Layered Storage Bins

These bins are such an easy way to stay organized. Take a look inside:

You can see Post-Its, bubbles, glue, tape, markers, and a jumbo die all fit well in the top compartment. It fits so neatly in an easy to grab bin.


Check out the schedule boards Alex made! They fit perfectly without bending. Toss in artic cards, vocab cards, worksheets, and so much more. This makes it so easy to know that when you walk into therapy, you have all the supplies you may need!

Mini Drawer Set

This mini drawer set was a steal at T.J. Maxx! It is perfect for organizing cards (sort by sound, parts of speech, etc.) or could be used for supplies as well. It’s about a foot or so tall and each drawer is about 6×7 (roughly). (HERE is a similar one on Amazon that we like as well). We love it for sorting cards since we use them so frequently! What would (or do) you use this for?

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