Spider Web Bean Bag Toss

An active Halloween game for speech therapy

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This activity is perfect for those kiddos who are active and need to be moving during therapy. These spider web baskets can be found at the Dollar Tree as well as on Amazon for a little more. This games is adaptable and easy to tweak to suit your needs.

What you will need:
  • Spider web baskets/any halloween basket
  • Target cards
  • Bean bags/other ball items/spiders (anything to toss)
  1. Place the baskets in a way that allows the client to easily toss the item in each basket.
  2. In each basket place a target card.
  3. As the client tosses the item into the basket have them say what they landed on.
  • This game can be done with any articulation, phonological or even language goal.
  • I have done this game with my apraxia client. We were working on bilabial and alveolar 3-syllable words. As he landed on a card, I would clap as we said the word.
  • Try flipping them over and hiding cards under them.
  • This game is highly adaptable and interchangeable. Share how you used this idea for your clients!

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