Speech Putt-Putt

Speech Putt-Putt | an active speech therapy game

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The crazy-busy season of the holidays is over. Which means no more Christmas speech games like Christmas Cookies or Fill Santa’s Sleigh. We all need a break to recover from the chaos of the holidays. Plus, it’s good to have an activity to pull out when you’re not ready for winter break to be over. Speech Putt-Putt is the perfect activity for those active kiddos on your caseload. This activity is super easy (and cheap!) to make, plus it stores small.

***Update May 2019: We now have a companion available HERE using high-frequency words for articulation. All articulation targets are included! Find it in our Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic cups (check Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors
  • Picture cards
  • Golf club & golf balls

These are affordable and come with extra golf balls and clubs. They sell this set on Amazon:


  1. Cut a notch out of 6-8 cups about 2″x2″ (big enough for the golf ball to fit plus some).
  2. Tape your picture cards to the cups. For extra productions, have your kiddo say the word as he tapes the cards to the cups.
  3. Your kiddo gets to play mini golf! When he gets a ball into a cup, he has to say the word.
  4. At this point, you can swap the picture card out so there’s always new words, or keep the same 6-8 words up to get lots of repetitions.


      • Make sure you have at least 6-8 cups lined up so your kiddo isn’t missing the shots.
      • We lined up our cups against the wall to keep them from falling over.
      • Use our board game companion to go with it! This is awesome for groups so everyone is staying busy.
      • Play outside to get kids really moving!

3 thoughts on “Speech Putt-Putt

  1. Lavern Hollis says:

    Great idea. Can be adapted for many different learning targets. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea.

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