Speech Pop!

Speech pop! A popcorn articulation game

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Speech Pop! is a fun game to play with your articulation kids, or really any kids using flashcards. You barely need any materials (most of which you probably already have) and set up is quick. You can easily get 3 repetitions of each word.

Speech Pop! Got a HUGE makeover! Check it out:

Speech Pop articulation game | Open-ended activity

What you’ll need
  • Printable popcorn (available HERE)
  • Flashcards
  • A bucket/box
  • Die (optional)

Here are erasable dice similar to the one used here (click the photo to purchase):

  1. Print and laminate the popcorn and “bag”. Use construction paper behind to make them sturdier.
  2. Tape the popcorn to flashcards.
  3. Attach the popcorn bag to a box or basket.
  4. Put the popcorn cards in the basket.
  5. Optional: Have your client roll the dice to see how many pieces of popcorn to “eat” (or number of repetitions).
  6. Have your client “eat” popcorn and say the target word (or whatever your goal is using flashcards).
  • To get the most repetitions out of your kiddo, have them say the word as you tape the cards to the popcorn and put them in the bucket, again when they “eat” the popcorn, and once more when they tell you what they found.
  • Make popcorn to snack on during this activity!

TO download Speech Pop! Click HERE to Purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers.

You could also get a more permanent popcorn bucket like this one:

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