Pumpkin Memory Game

Put a pumpkin spin on a classic speech therapy game

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We all know how boring and predictable drilling photo cards can get. And I think we all know that kid who asks, “Are we playing Go Fish again?” While you may have played Memory with your kiddos before, this is a fun way to make it feel like a whole new game.

What you’ll need
    • 2 of each target photo cards
    • Pumpkin printables (there are tons for free on Teachers Pay Teachers, click HERE and HERE for two of our favorites)
    • Laminator (optional)

Here is our favorite laminator. It’s extra-wide so you don’t have to worry about your pages getting munched. You can buy it HERE on Amazon.

  1. Laminate your pumpkins if you want.
  2. Cut and tape them on the back of your photo cards.
  3. Play Memory! (If you’ve never played before, the rules are below)

RUles for Memory
  1. Shuffle the cards and lay them out in a grid, face down.
  2. Pick someone to go first.
  3. The first player flips over 2 cards. If they match, he keeps them. If they don’t match, flip them back over. Try to remember where the pictures are!
  4. Some people play where if you find a match, you get to go again. This is up to you.
  5. When all the cards have been matched, the player with the most matches wins!

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