Open-Ended Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

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I really love the springtime because each month is new holiday, or two! St. Patrick’s Day is always a really fun one for kids. I love getting to use themed material too because it makes planning sessions super easy. Next week will be a St. Patty’s theme for The Speech Girls!

We are always on the lookout for quick, easy, no-prep activities for mixed groups or materials we can use over and over all day long. We created this bundle of no-prep materials that can be used with a kindergartener or a 5th grader or an in-home visit with a preschooler. We love versatile materials!

Race to 100 trials are one of my favorite no-prep materials now that I have more artic students. These are great to pull out when you need an extra motivator to get those repetitions in. I have some cute rainbow erasers from Target this summer, but check out how cute these are from Amazon!

Alex and I really like open-ended board games like this. This prints on just one piece of paper, and you can either laminate it or slide it into a sheet protector like THIS (these are a killer deal, I occasionally find them at the Dollar Tree, but these are about 50 cents each!). I really like asking my students to make up the rules (or at least one or two rules) to practice expository narratives skills. This game comes with little pawns and a spinner, but you can use a giant die like the one in the picture. These dice sell in a two-pack at the Dollar Tree in the games section!

These hidden pictures are my newest obsession! Our bundle includes this one pictured and an easier one for younger kids. This activity is great for kids to do while they wait a turn! I didn’t have a bingo dauber with me when I took this picture, but they work perfectly. You can also just use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or slide into a dry-erase pocket and reuse the sheets all day long!

This matching game takes less than 5 minutes to prep and you can keep it for years! I like printing out a “back” to the cards so the pictures don’t show through thin paper. I printed the backs on a green sheet of Astrobrights and just taped them to the pictures. I haven’t laminated these yet but they only need one laminator sheet! These cards are a great size at about 2″x2″.

These writing sheets are great for kids who can write. They can list as many words as they can with their speech sound(s) or make a story using their sound(s). Language kids can work on writing a short St. Patrick’s Day-themed narrative. You could also use these sheet to have fluency kids write down their strategies.

There’s more open-ended activities not pictured, too! The bundle is 26 pages long and includes black & white and color options for each activity. If you purchase this bundle, share with us how you used it on Instagram and tag us @the_speech_girls

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