Jack-O-Lantern Hunting

Articulation/phonology Halloween game for speech therapy

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Anything pumpkin is sure to catch your client’s attention. We found these small and adorable pumpkins at the Dollar Tree. Also, they have a slot on the bottom that allow picture cards to be hidden inside of them.  What kid doesn’t like searching for hidden items? This activity is engaging and active. For those kiddos who like to be out of their seat, this is the perfect game for them. It can be accomplished with any age of child who is able to seek and find! The pumpkin patch is an exciting place for young children. This activity allows the pumpkin patch to come to you while staying warm inside!

Use this fun picture card search as a festive therapy activity

What you will need:
  • Small decorative pumpkins (any pumpkin really is fine)
  • Target flash cards
  1. Hide the picture cards in the pumpkins.
  2. Scatter the pumpkins all around your therapy room.
  3. As your client hunts for pumpkins, have him verbally produce the target word they find.
  4. Then, at the end of the pumpkin hunt ask them again what they collected.
  • We used articulation cards, but you could use this activity for any of your goals. Try hiding any of your Super Duper cards (idioms, inferences, pragmatics, etc.) you use for your client!

We found these pumpkins at our local Dollar Tree, but some similar ones are available on Amazon HERE.

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