I Spy… a hunt for speech sounds

I Spy speech therapy game for articulation

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Another great game for active kiddos! Speech I Spy is a fun game that gets your clients out of their seat and using their targets in a carrier phrase.

What you’ll need
  • Target flashcards
  • Sentence strip (link below)
  • Binoculars
  1. Print and laminate the sentence strip.
  2. Hide the target cards around the speech room.
  3. Have your client use binoculars to spy for pictures.
  4. When they find a picture, have them say in the carrier phrase (“I spy star.”).
  5. Continue with all the words.

  • If you have toy binoculars, use those. We didn’t have any, so Alex made some taping two toilet paper tubes together.
  • Here we used clip art pictures of /s/ words, but any picture cards will do.
  • If you aren’t up to phrase level yet, just skip the “I spy…” part!

Print out the sentence strip HERE.

Check out these cute play binoculars from Amazon:

3 thoughts on “I Spy… a hunt for speech sounds

  1. Jan Schwanke says:

    I like to get out of the speech room and play the game looking for real objects: “”I spy Sarah reading stories,” “I remember Rachael reading fairy tales,” “I spy the principal using her computer,” etc. Great for carryover!

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