Fill Santa’s Sleigh!

Fill Santa's Sleigh | A Christmas Speech Therapy Game for Articulation and Language

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It’s almost Christmas! I can’t believe we’re less than a week away. If your school is still in session, this activity is great to squeeze in before Christmas break. Use this activity as a token economy system for any speech or language goal. We will tell you how can use it for different goals below.

Materials Needed:

  • Fill Santa’s Sleigh printable
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Flashcards

Here is our favorite laminator. It’s extra-wide so you don’t have to worry about your pages getting munched. You can buy it HERE on Amazon.


  1. Print out one of the sleighs (one is in color and one is black), eight reindeer plus Rudolph, and the presents (print out more if needed).
  2. Laminate the pages and cut them out.
  3. Use for a variety of activities, such as any listed below!

TO download Fill Santa’s Sleigh Click HERE to Purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers.

*Update: I have since removed this download from TPT. If you would like to download this item, it is available by clicking HERE

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Articulation/Phonology Goal

For all the kids on your caseload with articulation (or similar) goals, I’m sure you use Super Duper Artic Fun Decks.

You can print out a few pages of the presents and tape a photo card to each present. Then have your kiddo say the word and put it in Santa’s sleigh. You can also use the sleigh and it’s parts as “tokens”. I have one kiddo in mind who would love to earn all the parts and then play with them for a few minutes. I would drill the cards and each correct production earns a piece. Then when all the pieces are earned, let them play! You could easily put magnetic tape on the back and let them create a scene on a cookie sheet.

Language Goals

For a child working on prepositions, ask the child, “Put the present on Santa’s sleigh,” “Put the present under Rudolph,” “Put the reindeer in front of the sleigh,” etc. You could also have her describe the scene (The reindeer are brown, The present has a big, green bow, etc.). You can also work on story re-telling. Tell a quick story, such as, “Santa filled up his sleigh with lots of presents for all the girls and boys. He got his eight reindeer ready and took off into the snowy night.” Make it shorter or longer according to the kiddo. Have them retell the story and create a scene.

The possibilities are endless! Tell us what you did with your Santa’s Sleigh printable in the comments below or on Instagram. Tag us @the_speech_girls

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