Feed The Monkey

Feed the Monkey - speech therapy articulation activity

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Today’s articulation game is from teachingtalking.com. This game is so much fun and all you have to do to get it is visit Teaching Talking, or click HERE. To go straight to the free download, click HERE.

What you’ll Need

Here is our favorite laminator. It’s extra-wide so you don’t have to worry about your pages getting munched. You can buy it HERE on Amazon.

  1. Print, cut, and laminate the printable. Cut out the monkey’s mouth.
  2. Tape the monkey to a box/bucket.
  3. Tape the bananas to the flashcards.
  4. “Feed” the hungry monkey!

Get those repetitions in! Have your client say the target as you “make” the monkey food, again when they “feed” the monkey, and once again when they tell you what the monkey ate.

Teaching Talking has some awesome ideas that we love and use! Check out this awesome articulation bundle (on sale as of November 2017) HERE. This post is not sponsored by Teaching Talking, we just like them 🙂

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