Magnetic Communication Board

Communication board with "I want" strip - PECS/AAC style board

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This magnetic communication board is easy to make and great a variety of kids on your caseload. This board is used throughout an entire session, but you could use the same concept for visual schedules or speech room rules.

What you’ll need

Here is our favorite laminator. It’s extra-wide so you don’t have to worry about your pages getting munched. You can buy it HERE on Amazon.

  1. Laminate the picture cards and “I want” strip.
  2. Stick magnetic tape to the back.
  3. That’s it!

I use this magnetic board in therapy in a few different ways. First, all the options for the session are placed on the board and the client can choose which activity we do first. He has to pick up the activity he wants, put it on the “I want” strip, and point to each picture (in the picture below, you can see I have the AAC symbols for “I” and “want”) to get the item/activity. We also use it in certain activities, such as wooden fruit play and Mr. Potato Head.

Here are the links to my favorite pictures I use daily:

Mr. Potato Head: click here

Games to play (plus TONS more AAC resources!): click here

AAC pictures:  click here

Actions: click here

Daily activities: click here and here

And my all time FAVORITE for speech activities: click here

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