Christmas Cookies – Speech Therapy Activity

Christmas Cookies speech therapy games

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Christmas is fast approaching! We can’t believe it’s already December. At our clinic, we only have TWO sessions left with each client. Alex found this adorable Melissa and Doug Christmas cookie set at T.J. Maxx and we’re kind of obsessed! Melissa and Doug are go-to toys for quality and price.

Articulation goals

Alex used the Christmas cookies in her therapy yesterday with a client working on articulation goals. She took the decorations and paired them with an artic card. Her client got to pick a decoration and had to say the word to get it. Pretty simple, right? If you’re working on phrase level sounds, this would be perfect, too. For a kiddo working on /r/, she could say, “I cut rake. I cut rat,” etc.

Language goals

My client loves anything I bring in from Melissa and Doug. With the cookies, we work on the verb “cut” and sometimes pretend the tray is hot (it comes with a little oven mitt!). One of our main goals is requesting using a communication board (read all about it HERE). He has pictures for glove (an easy sub for the oven mitt), knife, and cookie. We have also been working on signing “I want” and pointing to the desired object instead of grabbing.

If you’re working on sequencing, you can grab a piece of construction paper and write up directions. Or, download our sequencing directions HERE for free (clipart used from, no known author). The cards could also be used for following directions.

Pretend Play

For the little kiddos, the Christmas cookies are a great pretend play activity for the holidays. Parents: encourage your toddler to pretend to feed herself, you, and her dolls/animals. Pretend play (also called symbolic play) is a huge part of your child’s social and cognitive development. You’ll see your child start to pretend she’s talking on the phone or feed her baby dolls. This shows her understanding that toys represent real-life objects (a play phone doesn’t actually work, but she pretends to talk to Nana and will wait to “listen” before talking again). Here are some great articles if you want to read more: and

The possibilities are truly endless with this set. We would love to hear how you use it in therapy. Share your ideas on Instagram and tag @the_speech_girls so we can see what you did! Or share it to our Facebook page:

If you’re interested in buying this cookie set, you can click the picture above to purchase it on Amazon, or check to see if your local T. J. Maxx has a set!

Or, if you want a set of cookies to use year-round, Amazon has this set (click photo above) for a few bucks less and the decorations are a little more generic. Keep an eye out on Zulily for Melissa and Doug deals, too!

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