The BEST Addition to Sensory Play!

The BEST Addition to Sensory Play | sensory bin play in speech therapy

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Do you have kids with poor fine motor skills? Looking to change up your sensory bin? We found the BEST addition to your sensory bins. Introducing…. giant tweezers!

We’re obsessed and you need a pair (or 12) if you don’t already. Alex and I both bought a pair at our local Dollar Tree, but I wish we would have discovered this set on Amazon:

What is sensory play? Why should I be doing it with my child?

Infants and children learn about the world through their senses. We all know about taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. However, Good Start reminds us in THIS article that we also have the senses of balance and body awareness (proprioception). Sensory play stimulates all the senses, helping children’s brains understand more about it’s surroundings and make stronger connections to process sensory information. THIS blog  shares 5 benefits to sensory play.

One of my kiddos LOVED these tweezers. I was amazed at the grip strength and precise, intentional movements kids gain from using these. I incorporated it with my puzzle sensory bin and regular sensory bin. Kids love these and you could use them for so many activities!

Tell us what you use giant tweezers for in the comments or on Instagram! @the_speech_girls

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