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It’s already back to school time! If you follow us on Teachers Pay Teachers, you’ve seen that we’ve added a few new back to school products. If you don’t follow us on TPT, you totally should (click HERE)! Be the first to know about freebies and new products!

Articulation Bus Books | The Speech Girls | Easy to prep materials for speech therapy

One of our new products is this adorable Bus Book! This picture isn’t totally accurate… After I took this picture I thought the bus should really be driving the other direction, so I switched it. AND, my print was clearly running out of ink. This little bus book includes /b, p, k, g/ in the initial positions. You get 4 little books that fit perfectly in a purse or speech bag. I just printed mine and stapled it, but you could laminate it and punch a hole in the top left to make a keyring book, too. 

After we saw how cute the little bus was, we decided to make a backpack as well! The books are identical, but the backpack is slightly narrower. There are 14 targets in each book. These could also be great for expanding! Or, if you wanted to get creative, you could mix and match the pages to make a book full of early words (some that are included are, “go”, “ball”, “bath”, “car”, “banana”, “puppy”, and “bubbles”). 

Articulation Backpack Books | The Speech Girls | Easy to prep materials for speech therapy

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