Back to School Articulation

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Back to School No Prep Articulation Worksheets | The Speech Girls | Easy to prep materials for speech therapy

Alex and I have been hitting up our local Target stores way too often lately! If you are like us and are addicted to the dollar bins at the front of the store, you’ve probably seen these little erasers around. At just $1, I always grab a few bags. I love using them for activities like this one below, and also for board game pawns, token economy pieces, in sensory bins, and so much more. If your local Target didn’t have these erasers, these are a good price on Amazon.

The new school year is approaching quickly, and some of you may have already started! Our Back to School Articulation worksheets are perfect for the first few weeks of school. They have a BTS theme, they’re no-prep (woo-hoo!!), and low ink. We like using these worksheets with the mini erasers, but bingo daubers work great, too.

If you laminate them or use a sheet protector (also in the dollar bins this year!), they can be smash mats with Play-Doh or your kids can color over the pictures with a dry-erase marker. If you haven’t discovered these sheet protectors/dry-erase pockets, they are awesome! It’s similar to laminating, but all you do it slide a piece of paper in the pocket. They’re reusable and super sturdy. Below is a link to some on Amazon, but they are often at the Dollar Tree and teacher supply stores.

To purchase Back to School Articulation, click HERE. It is an extensive packet including /f, v, k, g, l, s/ in initial, medial, and final positions, as well as /r, l, s/ in blends and /r/ in the initial position plus vocalic -ar, -er, -ear, -air, and -or. There are 27 pages of articulation worksheets! 

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