Autumn Sensory Bin

This fall leaves sensory bin is perfect for digging for speech cards

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Flipping through target cards can boring, for us and the kiddo sitting in  front of us. This activity is super fast and easy to set up and can be adapted to almost any goal. Find silk leaves at the Dollar Tree or Michael’s and use a box or bin in your therapy room (this crate is from the set of wooden foods!).

What you’ll need
  1. Scatter the leaves in your vessel of choice
  2. Hide flashcards/manipulatives
  3. Have your client dig through the pile of leaves
  4.  When he finds a card/manipulative, have him tell you what he found

Super easy and you can use this for practically every kid who walks through your door. Alex used her /s/ blends cards, but you can use small toys or parts of a game to earn. The possibilities are endless!

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