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Spring & Easter Activities for Speech Therapy

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year! Here in Northern California, we’ve had a very rainy winter and spring. We are so ready for some sun! We have a number of fun, easy, low-prep activities for speech therapy in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Pair them with mini erasers from the Target Dollar Spot, pom-poms, Chipper Chat tokens, bingo daubers, or Play-Doh (we would recommend laminating or using sheet protectors if you use Play-Doh).

Here are our favorite sheet protectors. Check your local Dollar Tree, too!

To see all of our Spring-themed products, click HERE. To see all of our Easter-themed items, click HERE. Don’t forget to follow our store by clicking the green star!

No-Prep Bunny Articulation and Language

These worksheets are all black & white so you can save your ink! Currently, these no-prep sheets include /k, l, s, f, v, th/ initial, medial, final, initial /r/ with blends and vocalic /r/, irregular past tense verbs, and irregular plural nouns. Keep an eye out for updates! **Update July 2019: Now includes /k, g, t, d, p, b, m, n, f, v, s, z, th, sh, ch, r, l/ plus blends, and categories, verbs, and describing have been added to the language goals. This was one of our first products while we were first year grad students. Now that we’ve graduated (yay!) we’re working on adding all sounds to our older products to make them a better value for you! If you’ve already purchased this product, check in your “My Purchases” and sort by “Recently Updated” (go ahead and re-download all those other materials that have been updated while you’re at it!). As you can see, we love to print on AstroBrights to add color without using expensive color ink.

Click the photo to purchase AstroBrights from Amazon. Walmart often has good prices, too.

Easter Basket Articulation Craft

This freebie includes initial /s, k, g/ and s- blends. We love printing two pages per sheet to save paper and make mini sheets! This takes less than 2 minutes to cut with a paper trimmer (THIS one is shown above, and I love it!). You can either have your students glue the pictures in and around the basket, or cut open the basket and attach to a bucket to “feed” the pictures. For extra fun, put the pictures in Easter eggs and hide them around the room (I suggest this if you work in private practice and have long sessions, school-based SLPs will need to stick to some quick gluing!). You can also use Dinky Doodads or Speech Tree trinkets to target other goals, and just use the basket part of the freebie.

No-Prep Spring Bunny Articulation

This is a personal favorite of mine! Available in full color and B&W, these are so easy to just print and go. This set includes mixed (initial, medial, and final) /k, g, p, b, t, d, f, v, th, l, s, z/, initial /r/, mixed vocalic /r/, and r-, s-, and l- blends. These are perfect for mixed groups! I also really like that the bunny isn’t too “Easter-y” so you can use this anytime in spring, without having to worry about students who don’t celebrate Easter.

Spring Open-Ended Activities Bundle

This includes 34 pages of open-ended activities! Includes board games, memory, race to 100, writing sheets, smash mats, and hidden pictures. You can use this for classroom parties, articulation trials, rewards, motivators, etc. My last internship supervisory was all about open-ended activities that you can use over and over with every group all day long. Such a time saver!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring! Please share with us how you use our products on Instagram @the_speech_girls and don’t forget to follow us on Teachers Pay Teachers, too.

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