10 Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Freebies

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Valentine’s Day is our first holiday theme after our break (we start clinic at school in February) so we are very excited to have all these ideas! These are some of my favorite ideas, printables, and activities available for FREE! Some are on Teachers Pay Teachers and others are on some of our favorite blogs we follow. I just bought the supplies for slime the other day, and I can’t wait to make it Valentine-themed.

1. Find the Hearts Sensory Bin

10 Valentine's Day Speech Therapy Freebies | Activities and Printables for Valentine's Day Speech Therapy

via Gift of Curiosity

This blogger found little Valentine erasers and hid them in the sensory bin. Then, the kiddo uses giant tweezers (if you haven’t heard, we’re obsessed) to find the erasers and match them to the colored hearts printed out. This is great for fine motor skills, matching, following directions, color identification, and so much more. (I realize the this activity isn’t totally free, but chances are, you have a sensory bin lying around somewhere!)

2. Lovebugs Position Concepts

This free printable on TpT is awesome for kiddos working on prepositions or following directions. The game is simple: hide the lovebugs all around your room using the direction cards provided, or write your own directions. You could even use this for articulation and tape picture cards to the back of the bugs.

3. No-Prep Language Worksheets

These worksheets include compare and contrast activities, categorizing items, and naming items in categories. These are great to send home as homework or to keep students busy in a group setting. These could even be used as a mini informal assessment or progress check. Plus, we all need a little more no-prep in our lives!

4. Valentine’s Speech Treats

This freebie on TpT is full of activities. It’s got pronouns, categories, following directions, and letter match-up. Again, this could make great homework or independent work for a few of the activities. I love how versatile this one is, it’s great for any kids!

5. Valentine’s Day /s/ Worksheets

This is a great freebie! It’s got initial, medial, and final /s/ with a cute cupid theme. I love Keeping Speech Simple. She has tons of awesome articulation activities. Check them out HERE.

6. Valentine Monster

Alex made the cutest Halloween monster like this! I’m loving the Valentine theme here. This is so easy to make. While it’s not exactly free, it uses a lot of materials you likely have sitting around already. We’ve used this to feed the monster picture cards, but this blogger did a letter recognition and sight word activity. These monsters will eat anything!

7. Valentine’s Day Lap Book

I am a huge fan of Ashley’s lap books over at Sweet Southern Speech. I just downloaded her football lap book, and she’s got more on her blog! She provides great pictures at the end of the download so you know how it should look. It has blanks for specific words or sounds you are working on, plus synonyms, writing prompts, and a grammar sort. This would be a great homeschool activity as well.

8. Glitter Goo Valentines

If you are looking for a Valentine to give out to your kiddos, this is such a cute one! The little labels are free to print out and the recipe for the goo is on the website too. Slime is so popular right now, you really can’t go wrong with this one!

9. Valentine Articulation Books

These little books are so cute and only take a minute to cut and staple. These are great to send home or print on cardstock and keep in your room to use again. The books include initial, medial, and final position /k/, /l/, and /v/ in a carrier phrase. These would be great for early readers, too!

10. Valentine Slime

One more slime recipe! I’m a huge fan of making slime in therapy. It’s a great opportunity to work on following directions, get in some sensory play, and it’s a great stress reliever (for me or the kiddos!). I’m a big fan STEM activities and getting the chance to incorporate science into the speech room is awesome.

So there you have it! My favorite Valentine’s Day freebies from around the web.

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day freebie you want to share? Comment with it below, or share it on Instagram @the_speech_girls and we might feature it on the blog!

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    • admin says:

      We love using science projects that require step-by-step instructions for kiddos working on following directions, reading comprehension, and so much more. Alex and I both LOVE including art into speech. Depending on the age of the kids, art can help with fine motor skills and color recognition. We have also used letters in art projects to help with letter recognition. Back to the science, making slime and other sensory projects are what we do most often. I like slime because it requires them to follow directions (this can be reading or pictures), retell what they did, then we can make letters, hide small figures, or other goal-oriented objects. As far as math, technology, and engineering, I haven’t used those much in therapy in regards to STEAM. I hope this answers your question! If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

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