10 FREE St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

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It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day again! Last year this time, The Speech Girls were stressed about clinic, midterms, and interviewing for internships. This year, we are happily working away at our internships (we plan on posting more about internships and our grad experiences soon!). I’m at a middle school and LOVING it! And Alex is at a private practice getting all this amazing experience with infant/toddler feeding and apraxia treatment. We’re getting some serious “senioritis” though. Just two short months and we will officially be speech-language pathologists! Woohoo! We are rounding up some fun, quick, and free activities to do with our kids next week and are sharing them with you here. Plus, there’s a bonus product at the end that’s not free but a favorite of ours!

I just saw this shamrock craft posted this morning and I love it! Use whatever you have lying around–construction paper scraps, paint, markers, stickers, tissue paper, etc. Perfect for a classroom or homeschool craft!

I’m working in the severely handicapped classroom this semester at my internship and this DIY calming bottle would come in really handy! I love that this could be a project we make together and then keep it around for self-regulation. Plus, I might need a minute of calm, too!

My middle schoolers right now cannot get enough slime! My supervisor has 6 little tubs of Aaron’s Thinking Putty and the kids use it all the time (and we do too!). This pot-o-gold slime recipe is perfect for kids working on following directions, or if you just want a quick fun craft to do with your kids.

St. Patrick's positional words book

I feel like we always have kids working on prepositions. This free positional words book is awesome! For whatever reason, kids love velcro and are always motivated by it. This takes a little prep work, but then you can use it over and over for years! Time to bust out that laminator! (P.S. These are my favorite Velcro dots)

This one is an oldie but a goodie. If you aren’t already following Speech is Sweet on Teachers Pay Teachers, you are missing out! I’m obsessed with her interactive notebooks and book companions. I used this pronouns activity with a client last semester, and it is so easy to print out and cut out (or not!).

Oh boy! Teaching Talking is another one of my favorites. Definitely sign up for her newsletter and check out the interactive notebooks. These vocabulary cards are awesome. I’m currently working with a population that tends to have lower vocabulary skills. These are awesome to familiarize students with seasonal vocab!

These St. Patrick’s Day directions are so quick and easy to print and go. I like keeping a stack of these in my bin for getting the wiggles out of squirrelly kids, doing a quick screening for following directions, or for what they’re made for–kids working on following directions!

I just love this little leprechaun! Even for kids who think they’re too old for a craft would love this. A little prep goes a long way with this one. And it’s a great way to use scraps of paper. Another good one for a preschool or homeschool craft!

If you’ve been around this blog before, you know Alex and I love DIY binoculars. These leprechaun lookers are such a cute craft to make and then use to find speech cards. I love crafts that kids are excited to take home! If you don’t have time to paint the tubes ahead of time, just glue construction paper around them.

We love us some bingo! This is a favorite of ours for mixed groups. We’re especially loving this cute St. Patty’s bingo from Pre-K Pages. If you don’t have color ink, print on green Astrobrights!

Alright, so this last one isn’t free, but it’s only $3 and can be used over and over! Alex is using tons of these “What do you see?” books with her littles this semester. These are great for building utterance length, describing, and learning new vocabulary. It only takes about 10 minutes of prep time, and then it can stay in your seasonal bin or on your bookshelf for years! If you need more Velcro dots, these are my favorite because they’re small and you get a ton!

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